2023–2024 Handbook

1. Mission Statement

The main purpose of the curriculum is to teach the students to speak, listen, understand, read and write in Swedish. All classroom activities are held in Swedish, except for in our beginner classes where English may be spoken occasionally. In addition to language instruction, the school introduces Swedish traditions, holidays, cultural events, history, and the Swedish way of life. Students and their families are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school, generate new ideas to improve its effectiveness, and share their own Swedish heritage for the common good of the school.

2. Quick Reference

E-mail addresssvenskaskolanco@gmail.com
School daysEvery other Sunday with some exceptions
School hours2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Smultron)
School hours (Smultron only)3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fall 2023 SemesterAugust 27, 2023

December 10 , 2023
Spring 2024 SemesterJanuary 7, 2024

May 19, 2024
Registration DeadlineAugust 28, 2023

3. Swedish School of Colorado Board Members

Magnus SvardPresident / Co-Principal/Assistant Coordinator
OpenVice President
Hana RamezicTreasurer
Iren NelsenSecretary
Katarina Van VeenCommunications Coordinator
Angelica RosVolunteer Coordinator
Carolina HensleyBuilding Coordinator
Frederic AudibertRegistration Coordinator/IT

4. Tuition and Fees

  • $390 per student over three years old per year, $195/semester
  • $140 per student under three years old per year, $70/semester
  • Rebates are available to families that enroll more than one student
  • A family will not be charged more than $900 per year

5. Refund Policy

No refunds will be allowed except for extraordinary circumstances. Such requests must be presented to the board. It is at the board’s discretion to allow or deny the request. The board’s decision will be final. According to Swedish School of Colorado’s By-Laws, there are no refunds after two classes have been completed.

6. Eligibility

While SSC welcomes anyone who is interested in learning Swedish, we strongly emphasize the importance of our students having at least one Swedish-speaking family member. This will greatly improve the student’s opportunities to solidify their language skills in between class sessions. According to Swedish School of Colorado’s By-Laws, for any child between the ages of 6-20 registered to attend the school, one family member/parent must be a Swedish citizen.

7. Parent/Caregiver Responsibility

A mandatory Parent Meeting will be held at the beginning of the school year to review this document and answer any questions. This will be held during the first or second class of the fall semester. Other mandatory meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the board.

For students five and under, a caregiver must be present at the school during each session. Failure to stay at the school will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from SSC.

8. Courses Offered

The board has the authority to cancel and/or substitute available classes as necessary depending on the number of students signed up, teacher availability, and facility availability.

The board has the authority to move a student to a different class than the class he or she is signed up for. This will be based on teacher and head teacher recommendations and observations. Please, refer to the schools’ website, svenskaskolancolorado.org, for a list of classes currently available.

Beginner Classes

Age group and/or school grade based on the U.S. school year

  • Smultron — 18 months–3 years/Pre-K
  • Körsbär — 3–5 years/Pre-K
  • Lingon, Rönnbär, Hallon, and Hjortron are our mixed-age, proficiency-based, school-age classes

Adult Classes

  • Björnbär I — High school to adults
  • Björnbär II — High school to adults

Advanced Class

  • Gymnasieklass — High School (must be fluent in Swedish)

In Depth Class Descriptions

Beginner Classes

Smultron: This group consists of our youngest students, ranging from 18 months to 3 years old. In this class we will focus on singing, storytelling, reading and organized playing with old, as well as new favorites. Teachers will place an emphasis on expanding Swedish vocabulary by actively speaking Swedish. Students will be taught and; therefore expected to respond in Swedish to the best of their ability to promote overall use of the target language. One Swedish-speaking parent/caregiver must accompany the child in class.

Körsbär: The goal in this group is to practice and encourage the spoken Swedish language by surrounding the students with spoken as well as written Swedish. Storytelling, songs, organized play and games, texts and workbooks are included as teaching methods. Students will be taught and therefore, expected to respond in Swedish to the best of their abilities to promote the overall use of the target language.

Lingon, Rönnbär, Hallon and Hjortron: These school-age youth classes will be mixed-age, proficiency-based classes. Each student will get tested at the beginning at the school year and then receive an individualized curriculum. The first part of the lesson will be group time led by the teacher, after which each student will work on the individualized assignments. iPads, computers or other individual electronic devices will be used by all students. Part of the lesson time will also be spent on Swedish culture and traditions.

Advanced Classes

Gymnasieklass: This class is for high school students who are fluent in Swedish. These students are working toward getting a Seal of Biliteracy for High School, which can be issued their high school after a test.

Adult Classes

Björnbär I: This class will prepare students in the areas of Swedish language, culture, and traditions. We will place our emphasis in speech and writing at a beginner level. Reading activities, spelling, grammar and writing activities are included in the program. Storytelling, songs, teacher examples, texts, and workbooks will be used to reinforce learning of both the target language as well as the culture. This group is unique in that it provides a beginner Swedish education to American parents of Swedish speaking children and other interested participants.

Björnbär II: Is geared to our more proficient adult students. Each student will be tested at the beginning of the year and then be given an individualized study plan. All students need to bring an iPad, computer or other similar device to class each lesson. Part of the lesson time will be spent on group activities and Swedish culture and traditions.

9. Class Etiquette

Please make sure that your child respects the following rules in the classroom:

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated
  • Cell phones and other entertainment or electronic devices must be turned off at all times – including breaks – except when required in class
  • No candy or chewing gums are allowed in the classroom
  • Parents of students nine years and younger need to check with the teacher for make-up work
  • Students ten years and older need to check with the teacher for make-up work themselves

10. Homework

Homework may be given as appropriate to the grade level of the student. The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills taught in school, to develop independent work habits, and to engage in long-term research or creative projects. All students will be expected to spend some time reading and/or doing homework. It is important that students feel responsible for the homework, and parents support their child/children. Parents can contact their child’s teacher if issues or concerns about homework arise. Homework assignments are presented in the classroom and will also be available on the school’s website: svenskaskolancolorado.org.

11. Discipline Policy for Youth Students

The purpose of this discipline policy is to establish procedures for dealing with student’s misbehavior. When misbehavior among children occurs in the classroom, the teacher will have a private talk with the student. The teacher is responsible for making sure the student understands what is expected of him or her, and teaches new behaviors or generates alternative ways to handle the situation to redirect behavior. If there is an ongoing pattern of misbehavior, leaders of the school will be contacting the parents for a conference to discuss ways of helping their child be more successful in the school environment.

General Guidelines

It is the parents’ responsibility to read these guidelines to their children:

  • Have fun without hurting other people’s feelings or property by treating others as you wish to be treated
  • Use the appropriate language and talk politely to all adults and children. We all deserve respect
  • Control yourself. You are responsible for your behavior. You can solve problems without fighting and injuring others

Disciplinary Actions

In case disciplinary actions are needed, the following will occur:

  • Student will be given a warning; the teacher will talk with the student and the behavior will be redirected
  • Student will be given a second warning. Parent will be contacted regarding the repeated offense
  • If a more serious problem arises, such as fighting, the student(s) will be removed immediately from the classroom and sent to the principal or vice-principal

12. Snack/”Fika”

  • Each family is responsible for packing snack/”fika” and a drink for their own children each time the school is in session. We recommend bringing at least one healthy snack, such as a piece of fruit
  • Please do not bring in any snacks containing nuts. The school is nut-free as we have several students with severe nut allergies
  • Fika will also be available for waiting parents. We appreciate a donation every time you enjoy the fika, so that we can continue to provide this benefit at the school. Please enjoy your fika in the available “Parent Lounge” or in the courtyard. We ask that you do not socialize in the hallway as this interrupts the ongoing class instructions
  • The “fika” available for the parents in the “Parent Lounge” is not to be given to students as their in-class snack

13. Recess Logistics and Rules

There is a playground available for our use during class.

Recess and Snack Timetable:

  • The teachers will guide the children to and from the playground, with the assistance of classroom assistants and/or parent volunteers.
  • All children will be counted before leaving the classroom and the playground. The children will line up behind their teacher to walk to and from the playground.
  • The teachers will be present at all times during recess, but we encourage parents to take the opportunity to come outdoors as well and spend time with their children and other parents during recess.

General Recess Safety Rules

  • Since it is more fun to play than to watch, please include everyone who wants to play. Respect the rights of others and treat them as you would like to be treated.
  • For your safety, please stay within the playground area.
  • The use of balls, jumping ropes, and other outdoor toys should be approved by the teacher of the students’ class.
  • Outdoor toys should be used as intended. Share toys and take turns
  • No climbing in trees, on statues, or fences
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. No pushing or shoving, grabbing or pulling
  • Show concern for others by helping other children who are hurt or having a problem by alerting a teacher or other adult
  • Immediately notify a teacher or other adult if you have any questions or concerns regarding safety
  • When your class-signal sounds, walk to line up behind your teacher

Recess Discipline

If a student’s behavior requires disciplinary action SSC will follow the procedures outlined in “Disciplinary Actions” in section 11 of this document.

14. Volunteers

Our school environment and educational programs are greatly enhanced by the efforts of our volunteers. We have a wide range of available volunteer positions such as; for our Christmas and Graduation parties, assisting with serving “fika” in the kitchen, helping with recess supervision, etc. Each family with students enrolled in any of our youth classes, except Smultron, are expected to volunteer at least once each semester. Available volunteer opportunities are presented and communicated during the mandatory Parent Meeting, as well as via e-mail. For additional information or questions in regards to volunteering, please send an e-mail to svenskaskolanco@gmail.com, or talk to one of the board members.

15. Vacation and Holidays

The SSC believes in the importance of family activities and vacations. If you and your family have planned a vacation or absence when school is in session, please notify the classroom teacher at least one week in advance. The teacher will then provide the student with information and materials of what is to be covered in the missed session. All missed work assignments can be turned in to the teacher who will review and provide feedback by Wednesday before the next class.

16. Arriving Late/Leaving Early

  • To respect fellow students and teachers, all students must arrive on time to their classroom. If you are late, please enter the classroom quietly and go to your seat immediately. Wait for the teacher to approach you
  • Do not interrupt class
  • Only parents or a designated emergency contact person are allowed to pick up a child from school. If someone other than a parent or emergency contact person is to pick up your child, SSC must have written permission for this to happen. There are no exceptions, and a photo ID may be required. This policy is for the protection of our students

17. School Closures

  • It might be necessary to close the school due to weather or other extraordinary circumstances. School closures due to weather will be posted on our website.
  • An e-mail notification for all closures will also be sent to all students or parents on our e-mail contact list

18. Illness Policy

To ensure the health of our community, it is a policy for the Swedish School of Colorado that children must stay home if they exhibit the following symptom or conditions (this list covers some common illnesses, but is not inclusive of all reasons for exclusion):

  • Illness that results in a greater need for care than our staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children
  • Unusual behavior: a child is irritable or less active than usual; cries more than usual or just seems unwell; exhibits loss of appetite or general discomfort
  • The child’s school is closed due to Covid-19 cases

When the possibility of illness occurs, it is sometimes difficult to decide whether your child should come to school. You can bring your child to school if:

  • He/she is fever free for 24 hours
  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting have subsided for 24-48 hours
  • Strep infections have been treated with medication for 24-48 hours
  • You have checked with the school or your doctor regarding contagious diseases such as pink-eye, chicken pox, etc.

Medical Conditions

If a student has a severe medical condition, you must notify the teacher and the teacher representative in writing.

19. Weapons

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe school environment that is conducive to learning. The underlying belief of this policy is that all individuals have the right to be educated in a safe and nurturing environment. Therefore, violations of these rights and violations of the atmosphere which supports sound education will not be tolerated.

The Swedish School of Colorado hereby adopts this policy of zero tolerance for weapons. The policy provides the power for board members and teachers to address potentially dangerous situations. It sets the tone for all to understand that weapons are not tolerated and will not be allowed during any of our scheduled classes, board meetings, or activities. On the other hand, when board members and teachers are implementing the policy they are allowed some flexibility given the age of the violator and the circumstances. In order to ensure that this occurs, the following has been established:


The term “weapons” shall include, by the way of illustration, the following enumerated items: any loaded or unloaded firearm (including but not limited to pistol, blank pistol, signal pistol, starter pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, cross-bow); any knife (including but not limited to Bowie, Dirk, lock-blade, hunting pen, pocket, switchblade, utility); any defensive weapon (including but not limited to gas repellent, pepper gas, mace, stun gun); any martial arts device (including but not limited to Chinese stars, nunchaku) or any tool or instrument which school administrative staff could reasonably conclude as being capable of inflicting bodily harm (including but not limited to blackjack, chain, club, knuckles, night stick, pipe, studded bracelet); or which by virtue of its shape or design gives the appearance of any of the aforementioned (including but not limited to air pistol, air rifle, BB gun).

20. Hallways and Restrooms

Students are allowed in the hallways or bathrooms independently. Please, help keep those places clean and safe for everyone to use. Report any problems you see immediately. Whenever you are away from your class, your teacher is expecting you to represent the class and yourself in a responsible way. Do your errand quickly and well and return to your class as soon as possible. Do not run in the hallways at any time.

21. Communications

All SSC teachers and board members use e-mail to communicate with our students, their parents and other interested parties. Students and parents can contact us at svenskaskolanco@gmail.com for any non-urgent issues.If you have an emergency or need to speak to the co-principals, feel free to contact Magnus Svard at 720-688-7989.

The school’s website, svenskaskolancolorado.org, is also updated regularly with new information.

We look forward to a nice year together!